Anders Austad

Over 20 years' experience with hands on focus
during all phases from conceptual design to
final decommissioning. Specialist within calculations of
structures and mechanical components.

Dedicated on the tasks and is a problem solver.

Onshore and offshore working experience from Norway,
Malaysia, Gabon, Congo and Mauretania.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Engineering Manager, Reorganized and provided hands on guidance for the Tie in and Structure department in Malaysia.
  • Hired staff and built a small team in India, Pune, to support our Asia Pasific team in Malaysia.
  • Extensive experience in Engineering, Construction management and offshore operations.
  • Verification of Marine operations, Warranty surveyor, at DNV
  • Supplier specialist /Company Representative for offshore operations in several projects.
  • Structural Specialist and manager in several major subsea projects and large demolition jobs offshore.
  • Design of all kind of structures for dynamic, fatigue, impulse loads (falling objects and explosions) and fire.
  • Design and analysis of piping according to ASME VIII and ASME B31.3
  • Test specialist and manager for large system integration tests, factory acceptance tests and qualification tests.
  • Fabrication follow up acc applicable regulations and functional requirements. ( > 7 years at construction sites.)
  • Construction management with on site engineering follow up at several remote sites in Africa, onshore and offshore.
  • Valid OLF certificate and medical papers
  • Education

  • Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU), 1991 - 1996, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Eng.
  • Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU), 1995, Pedagogical leadership (1 semester)
  • Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU), 2002, Project Management (1 semester)
  • Norwegian School of Management (BI), 2007, Creative problem solving for managers (1 semester)

  • Contact Info

       Anders Austad
       +47 40004475

    Dagfinn Austad

    Over 45 years experience with hands on focus
    during all phaces from conceptual design to
    final execution.

    Expert on simplifying problems to a level where
    they easily can be solved and presentet to project owner

    Established Teknisk design AS in 1987 and is cooperating
    with Clete Engineering AS.

    Working experience from Norway and Africa.


    Professional Accomplishments

  • Extensive experience in design and verification of weight- and cost effective structures onshore and offshore.
  • Interface coordination and design of equipment support structures offshore platforms.
  • Structural responsible for all phases in platform removal projects (piece small or reverse installation).
  • Landbased demolition projects requiring special strength and stability verification for use of heavy demolition
           equipment/ explosives.
  • Dropped object design
  • Fabrication follow up acc applicable regulations and functional requirements.
  • Valid OLF certificate (10/17)
  • Education

  • Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), 1965-1969 Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Engineer Cadet College (Befalsskolen for Ingeniørvåpnet), 1970

  • Contact Info

       Dagfinn Austad
       +47 99233445